Confessions of an Invitation Designer

How I Created a Process to Easily Raise my Prices

Would you be interested in knowing how to easily

price your invitations & make a great profit?

I used to waste sooooo much time (not to mention money) trying to figure out how to price my invitations to make enough to go full time with it. If you’ve ever experienced this you know how much that SUCKS! It’s the worst.

After my first year in business I knew things needed to change FAST if I wanted to make my business profitable and be able to do it full time. I was getting desperate.

• I tried pricing lower than the competition = didn’t work
• I tried negotiating with couples = didn’t work
• I tried putting my pricing on my website = didn’t work
• I was emailing quotes = didn’t work
• I tried handing out price lists at wedding shows = didn’t work

I tried all these things but FINALLY I figured out a simple process to price my invitations quickly at higher prices & eliminate my fear of never being able to make my business profitable.

It literally took me from barely scraping by to having a full blown full time profitable wedding invitation business.

This process got me back to enjoying my business, no more stressing about if I was going to have to give up on my passion.

This is my process to easily & quickly price invitations at higher prices every single time. And it consists of a simple 3 step system.

If this sounds cool to you, check it out. I’m doing a free training today.

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