I am freeing up a few spots to share my secrets with a 1 on 1 Facebook™ Ads Game Plan Call with only a few very lucky action taker small business owners who serve local clients!

Here’s what you’ll walk away with after this call:

A PLAN THAT TELLS YOU EXACTLY WHAT TO DO to set up your ads for success from the start…so you don’t waste countless hours and tonnes of money.

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You should know that this is not your regular (pitch.pitch.stab.stab.die) free call, in fact it is not even technically FREE. It’s free-for-now and IT GIVES YOU FLUFF-PROOF, HIGHLY ACTIONABLE STRATEGIES THAT WORK IN YOUR LOCAL MARKET without having to pay for it..for now.

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This is your chance to get your questions answered and finally uncover the most effective plan to growing your business with Facebook™ Ads.

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Maybe you’ve never heard of me. Maybe you have but you’ve never heard of Facebook™ Ads Game Plan. Maybe you know neither me nor my Facebook™ Ads Game Plan.

If not I INSIST you read the success stories and unsolicited love notes below. 

These are the star pupils, the ‘Hermiones’ if you will.

Read them and see that none of these people are so different than you...no wizards, no special magic. Just ordinary muggles like you and I. The only difference is my Facebook™ Ads Game Plan. Think about that.

Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 3.37.19 PM.png
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"I was feeling a little overwhelmed and just kind of that I was throwing ads out there that weren’t really targeted. I learned how to really target my market in the wedding industry.  I learned the importance of the Pixel and how to set up a successful ad, one that is much more targeted than what I had been doing. Amanda never made me feel bad for having questions or not understanding something.  I really appreciate our time and conversation! :)"

 - Jessica Nicklos, JN Event Design

"Before speaking with Amanda, I felt confused about facebook ads. I wasn't sure exactly what to post, what to boost, and why. She helped me clarify that for sure. I learned what type of ads I should be doing and the benefit of each."

Steven Seivers, Showcase DJ

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As a small business owner myself. I know how freaking frustrating it can be to find ways to bring in consistent leads and sales.

I’ve learned from personal experience and some pretty amazing coaches what works and what doesn’t and how to attract the clients who are dying to work with you.

I’m creepin' in the facebook ads dashboard daily. One campaign resulted in a 5000% ROI (you can call me obsessed now).

So if you want to be lead step-by-step, through the entire process so it feels like a total cakewalk (because who doesn't love cake?), I’m your girl.

It’s time to get those leads rollin' in for ya!