Ouch. You know that stab in the heart, kick in the guts feeling of wasting countless hours and too much money on Facebook Ads with no leads to show for it?


No more wasting time & money to achieve the leads YOU are dreaming of.

You know you don’t have the time to learn how to set up ads yourself but you’re scared to hire someone to do it for you because you have no idea if they’ll be able to get you result either.

I want to take the pressure off you & let you get back to focusing on the parts of your business you love - that’s why you got into business for yourself, right?

I want to give you leads that love you with a FREE 7 day Facebook Ads Trial

I am freeing up some time next week to set up Facebook Ads for 3 very lucky action taker Wedding Businesses.

Here’s what you’ll have after this trial:

An effective ad that brings you leads on autopilot

After the 7 day trial, it's up to you if you want to continue with the ad I’ve created. All I ask is that you have a $50 ad budget for the trial.

Imagine this...imagine being able to go from from no leads to leads that love you in 7 days 

If you’re thinking…

“I want to attract engaged couples to book more of my wedding services”


“I don’t have the time to learn, create & manage the ads, but I know they’ll help my business grow'“

THen this is perfect for you!


this will not work if…

You think you’ll be getting a TONNE of leads as soon as your ad is published. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it. We need to nail down a system that works for your business and allow time to prep, polish & perfect your ads. Allow time for your ad fully optimize. Patience is a virtue here, but you’ll be amazed at what they can do for you when given the time to be nurtured!

Your sales process doesn’t work well or your website has low conversion rates. If this is you, you’ll want to focus on improving these areas first so you can feel confident in closing cold leads and/or improving your website conversion rates so the traffic from your Ads will be more likely lead to booked weddings in the future.

What’s Included in Done-For-You Ads

Facebook ads free trial.png

There’s just one catch, I only have 3 spots available right now to manage ads. Apply now if you want in!



As a small business owner myself. I know how freaking frustrating it can be to find ways to bring in consistent leads and sales.

I’ve learned from personal experience and some pretty amazing coaches what works and what doesn’t and how to attract the clients who are dying to work with you.

I’m creepin' in the facebook ads dashboard daily. One campaign resulted in a 5000% ROI (you can call me obsessed now).

So if you want take the stress out of doing it yourself, apply now.

It’s time to get those leads rollin' in for ya!